Integrity Technical Services

Since 1996, Integrity Technical Services, Inc. has been a provider of direct hire and contract temporary engineering, IT, and other technical personnel.

We offer a variety of placement options and services that include:

Executive Search:

All too often companies lack the resources, time, and expertise needed to source high end executive and management positions.

Let us help!

Integrity Technical Services sources candidates for a wide array of positions ranging from CEOs, Directors, and Managers to Entry Level positions. We have a proven track record of identifying individuals for management and executive positions. Our firm has the talent, experience, and ability to help.

Contract / Temporary Employment:

As companies take on more projects and market demands change, contract employees can help alleviate the increased workload without a long-term commitment by the employer to the employee. Contract employees will benefit the employer as work loads dramatically increase and decrease over short periods of time. Contractors offer project specific skills to help with assignments by being able to “hit the ground running” and make an immediate difference with little to no training.


The contract-to-hire option gives the employer an opportunity to evaluate the employee before engaging in a long-term commitment. As projects come and go, the need for a direct employee can be difficult to justify. Contract-to-hire allows employers to reassure themselves they have the steady workload that will effectively be managed by offering a direct position with their company.

Direct Hire:

We pride ourselves on matching the right talent with the right employer. Our firm personally screens all candidates with an eye specifically geared to the long term goals of the employer and candidate. From the start, the employee will be working direct for our client.

Payroll Service:

Integrity Technical Services has the ability to payroll candidates you source. The advantage of utilizing our payrolling service will save you administrative costs of signing up new hires as well as alleviate costly unemployment claims. We will fund and prepare the payroll as well as assume all mandatory tax and legal liabilities.